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Wed, Feb. 4th, 2004, 01:47 pm

As part of my efforts to get back on track...I went to the gym last night and did the tredmill for over an hour...it was nice and I was able to feel good and energized afterwards.
Then I came home and watched American Idol....I am so excited for tonight!!
And I think I may try to go to the gym friday since chris has the day off....anyways I need to get by the grocery store to pick up some good healthy food!!!!! i can totally noticed how loose my pants fit now and how my tummy doesnt seem so flabby but toned...so this is a step to my goal which I am feeling very good about despite my recent slurges.
I have also been drinking a lot of water....well since I have been on the rag...which sucks. But I am doing well! just not up to date in my journal:( oh well